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The Bulwagan Foundation Trust is a registered Charitable Trust. It's main project is to build a Filipino Community Centre where it will be a hub to showcase talents, culture, creativity and to provide space for business, sports, and more...


In 1999, with the increasing number of Filipino immigrating to Wellington, Christina (Bing) Pangaruy (nee Eguna) saw a need to build a Filipino Community Hall that the Filipinos can call their own by providing:


  1. A place where the Filipino culture could be preserved and perpetuated in Wellington;

  2. A place where the Filipino Culture can be promoted in New Zealand;

  3. A place where Filipino – New Zealanders (Kiwi-Pinoys) can learn about their heritage;​

  4. A place where social contact through sports, recreational activities, cultural and performing arts between Filipinos and the wider community is encouraged by developing multi-purpose facilities;

  5. A place where we can preserve the Filipino Culture and Heritage and where Philippine history, culture and artifacts can be permanently housed and displayed;

  6. A place where the different forms of religious beliefs can be practised and encouraged;

  7. A place where the awareness and respect for special status of Maori people as Tangata Whenua can be taught;

  8. A place that will help advance the charitable aims of the Bulwagan Foundation Charitable Trust; and,

  9. A place available for lease to small businesses, family and commercial enterprises.

The Foundation envisages the establishment of a community centre in the Wellington region for use and enjoyment of all Filipino-Kiwi residents, their families and friends from the wider community. It will be a place where people of all walks of life can gather together to celebrate their humanity and cultural diversity together.


We believe that in the pursuit of our goals of building a community centre for the Filipino community in NZ, we will strive for and live by the principles of excellence, honesty and integrity.


  1. We will encourage integration of the Filipinos with other NZ communities.

  2. We will help preserve and promote the Filipino culture and heritage in NZ, by instilling in the hearts of all Filipinos, a deep appreciation of their roots and cultural ties.

  3. We will help raise the profile of Filipinos living in NZ.

  4. We will be open to support charitable activities of communities in NZ and overseas.

  5. We encourage the Filipino youth to enjoy and appreciate their heritage through participation.

  6. We will help maintain unity within the community and help out where we are needed. ​

What We Do

Bulwagan Foundation Trust (Bulwagan for short) is a not-for-profit organisation. Everything we do is for the benefit of the community. 

Since 1999, we had a series of collaboration and networking with different organisations (business or non-Filipino organisations) and  fundraising events and activities such as community live performances, stage play, movie fundraisers, participation in expos for exposure, garage sale and many more.

Essentially, the funds we raise go towards the project. We have little or no expense for administration as much of this is personally funded by the generosity of the trustees. Bulwagan through its network is in touch with what is available through various community funding but it is not enough or we do not qualify for many of the funding. The funds generated is small in comparison to the hard work that goes into organising these events and so we needed more support as possible.

In 2015, through our affiliation with Exceptional Communications, we were able to lease a hall for the meantime to be used as the Filipino Community Centre while still aiming for the big dream of having our own Filipino Community Centre. There is much work to be done but we are positive we can achieve this goal of developing our own Filipino Community Centre if we all work together. 

We look forward to meeting up with you personally to discuss how we can help each other. Bulwagan is grateful to the many people who continually support and commitment to this endeavour, after all the Filipino Community Centre cannot happen without you. Feel free to contact us.

News Article 


Allison Hess from The Wellingtonian (local newspaper) has written an article about the Bulwagan Foundation Trust.

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The Bulwagan Foundation Trust is a proud member of The Community Well.NZ Project.

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