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Board of Trustees


The board of Trustees is composed of passionate people coming from different background with a common goal to build a Filipino Community Centre to celebrate life events, express creativity and stimulate healthy welfare. These are volunteers who give their time, effort, skills and talents to the cause.

Otto Christian Azucena


A graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Ateneo de Davao University, Otto decided to change path in his career after discovering his passion on business and planning. While on his university years, he started managing his own agri buy and sell, resturant, bakery and later on venture into the exciting world of t-shirt printing and garments manufacturing. It is through this business that made him realized that his best character is being a people-person. He started organizing numerous fun runs, bazaar and mini concerts in the city and made it as a way to introduce his business to the society.


Otto is a dedicated Christian who is very much involved in his church in Davao City as well as in Wellington. His discipleship did not limit him to extend outside the church. He loves to see himself as a blessing to each individual that crosses his path. With his charming charisma and great sense of humor, he never leaves a room without gaining everyone’s hearts.


People find him to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player with superb communication skills.  With his years of experience in the business field, his skills in planning and critical thinking have developed.


He migrated to New Zealand in the year 2014 and still continues to believe that his ideas could contribute to this countries business sector.  He is blessed with a son and his wife is registered nurse working in Wellington Hospital. The family is living happily in Wellington and enjoying the laid back lifestyle this country has to offer.

Dinna Dino-O'Meara


Dinna obtained a Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree in the Philippines, and majored in Accounting. She has since been working in this field for over 20 yrs. She is currently working as an Accounts Administrator for a Social Services organisation here in Wellington. 

Dinna is a keen Christian who is devoted to serving her church community. She is a positive force within the various community groups she is involved with and is very popular because of her outgoing and bubbly personality. She has been involved with Bulwagan from its inception. Dinna is a founding member of the Wellington Filipino Community Choir that helps raise funds for Bulwagan.

Proud of her Filipino heritage, Dinna is very much involved in the community in Wellington, and is fully behind the vision of Bulwagan Foundation Trust. She considers it a service to the community, a great opportunity and a privilege to be one of the Trustees, and would love very much to see its vision fulfilled. 

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