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Mayweather vs Pacquiao


The Bulwagan Foundation Trust in collaboration with the Philippine Embassy has organised venues for the much awaited "fight of the century", Mayweather vs Pacquiao.  There were two venues, Anzac Room at the Petone Working Men's Club (47 Udy Street, Petone) and the "Ang Bahay" (5 Bristow Place, Karori), the Philippine Ambassador's residence.  


About 120 from Petone Working Men's Club and about 100 at the "Ang Bahay" who attended this event.  People were so excited and hoping that our Pacman would win this fight.  This episode is history in the making not just for Filipinos but around the globe and so TV One visited the "Ang Bahay" to witness how keen and Filipinos are when it comes to Pacquiao's fight.  It was a close fight and Mayweather won by anonymous decision from the judges. 

Melody Pagalilawan at Ang Bahay

* Photos courtesy of Odette Madrisa and Meliza Labao

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